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MCC Training


Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) course is the last course you need to take as part of your ATPL training and prepares you for Type Rating training.


Our MCC training is integrated into the Type Rating Programs, so completing the MCC with us you get some additional simulator hours, e.g. on A320, ATR42/72 etc. Compared to the MCC on a multi piston engine our MCC is a mini Type Rating on a real airliner. You will feel the real airline transport pilot world. Our MCC course is a perfect airline screening preparation.


  • Valid and current CPL with ME / IR

  • ATPL Theory

  • Valid Medical Class 1

  • ICAO ELP Level 4

Training Location

Theoretical training may be performed either in Aviapro base in Athens, or in one of the collaborating Simulator Centers, upon request.

Practical training is performed in one of the collaborating Simulator Training Centers.

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