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Advanced IOSA Auditor Courses

Our trainers have many years of practical experience in IOSA and a solid academic background. All trainers are Lead Auditors. The conceptual design is influenced by our considerable experience. Benefit from our comprehensive IOSA proficiency and become an IOSA expert. We have the capacity to offer in-house IOSA Auditor Training (IAT) courses all over the world even on short notice.

IOSA Auditor Training

Our goal is to make you an IOSA subject matter expert by letting you benefit from many years of IOSA experience. Practical exercises will give you the opportunity to train in IOSA auditing techniques including the use of the IOSA checklists as well as interpretation of the IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs). Thereby, the introduction to the IOSA program and the IOSA terminology is as important as the transfer of cultural awareness and auditors competences. Our instructors are training experts as well as highly experienced IOSA auditors.

IOSA Airline Auditor Training

The training provides participants with the necessary skills and requirements to prepare the airline for the IOSA Renewal audit and to understand the Enhanced IOSA (E-IOSA) concept according to ORG 3.4.13. Our training courses are based on profound theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Get a better overview and gain time in your follow-up activities. Gain the necessary knowledge and skills for audit preparation, presentation techniques and team leading abilities. Review audit follow-up and corrective actions records as well in order to be proficient as a certified lead auditor. IOSA Airline Auditor Training will increase your knowledge and make you understand the IOSA Audit Program structure, IOSA requirements (ISARPs) assessment process and enhanced IOSA concept. 

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