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Auditing Principles & Techniques

In particular, Approved organisations should ensure they have appropriately trained staff within their organisations to undertake compliance monitoring & auditing activities in relation to their activities to ensure continued compliance and approval. 

The Auditing Techniques course provides training in auditing techniques required to be used by both the Competent (Regulatory) Authority Inspector and auditing staff within Organisations  The objective is to provide a thorough understanding of the auditing tasks for both the NAA inspector and auditing staff from Organisations. This course concentrates specifically on the complexities of auditing in relation to Part FCL:

  • Part-FCL Inspector auditing responsibilities 

  • Compliance Monitoring Managers' responsibilities

  • Introduction/Scope Definitions 

  • Overview of the Audit Process 

  • Auditing, Audit Planning, Audit Preparation, Audit Report, and Audit Follow-up 

  • Categorisation of Findings  

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