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Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis

Flight Data Monitoring FDM is a process which routinely captures and analyses recorder data in order to improve the safety of flight operations. This process is part of ICAO Annex 6 – Operation of aircraft. Regularly analysed data in the Flight Data Monitoring program have the objective to improve safety in a pro-active manner.

With the data collected in Flight Data Monitoring, statistics will be generated with the aim to support the analysis process resulting in leading and lagging safety indicators. These indicators may also be used for various safety purposes as training, airworthiness and maintenance purposes and accident prevention.


Flight Data Monitoring FDM programmes generate large amounts of data requiring specialised analysis software. Aviapro Aviation is offering Flight Data Monitoring service tailored to the operators need to handle the downloaded data, validate, display the data in easy-to-understand reports and prepare the details for the evaluation by the operator.

Aviapro Aviation is also offering on-line access to the software, installed on our server used individually for Flight Data Monitoring FDM for our clients.

Please contact us for more details and to support you setting-up your Flight Data Monitoring program.

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