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Crew Recourse Management

CRM is the effective utilization of all resources including crew members, aircraft systems, supporting facilities and persons to achieve safe and efficient operations. The objective of CRM is to enhance communication, interaction, human factors and management skills of the crew members concerned. Emphasis is also on the non-technical aspects of crew performance (EASA definition).

Contemporary CRM integrates technical skill development with communications and crew coordination training and operational risk management by applying threat and error management (TEM) concepts .

Contemporary CRM is the latest iteration of CRM, whereas more emphasis is now being placed on threat and error management (TEM). Additionally, Contemporary CRM makes practical use of global, as well as the Operator's own, safety data. To that end, Evidence-Based Training (EBT) is a significant part of Contemporary CRM course development and training. CRM is always evolving, and as the figure below shows (courtesy Transport Canada), CRM is currently in its 6th Generation, depicting the emphasis on TEM.

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