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Our Instructors and Examiners are Active Pilots that have logged thousands of flying hours so far and continue to expand their knowledge around the globe in various Aircraft Types.

All of them are trainers in Major Airlines and Organisations while most of them are involved in various fields of Aviation Management.

• As an airline, you benefit from our experience in the qualification and training of cockpit crews.

• Your pilots can train or retrain on a number of aircraft types with us. As you can see in our Type Rating overview, we offer nearly all aircraft types made by the three leading manufacturers in the world.

• We are not only active in Greece and Europe. Our trainees come from all around the world and are perhaps just the

applicants you have been looking for to fill a vacancy. Let us know what your needs are – and benefit from our Type Rating competence.

At Aviapro we get all the advanced features we need to leverage evidence - based training by adding competency-based layers to traditional exercise-based training.


Evionica App get us in line with authorities’ best practice recommendations – and helps us position our flight training organisation

at the absolute forefront of pilot training.

Evionica offers the most advanced platform to support the principles of competency-based training and assessment.

With Evionica App at hand, our existing training programs only need a “Aviapro evaluation” to apply a competency-based framework on top of your current training principles. Integrated intelligence automatically collects and visualises the

data you need to assess students on core competencies and underlying performance indicators according to authorities’ best

practice recommendations.

Go Paperless

We eliminate handling paperwork from our daily operations - with Evionica, all of our digital documents are securely stored and

organised in one place.

We use our flight school management system for instant booking directly within the platform and keep a digital calendar to track your flight training schedule in real-time.

All in Cloud

With automated document flows, streamlined data transfer between integrations, and electronic signatures, Aviapro’s ATO software help us to eliminate unnecessarily time-consuming

administrative work, scale our operations, and generate more revenue.

We can access and use our flight school management software from desktop devices, as well as mobile phones and tablets.

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