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We Expand our Simulator Network by signing Agreement with Lufthansa Aviation Training, one of the biggest European Simulator Operators.   

We expand our Simulator Network by adding 6 Simulator Training locations.

Essen, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Zurich for A320 Type Training and Essen, Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich for A330 Type Training.


Simulator Network Expanding by signing Agreement with BAA Training.

Aviapro Expands Simulator Network by adding one more Training Location .

Vilnius will be one of our Simulator location for A320 Family Type Training.


Cooperation with one of the Leading Aviation School Management & e-learning Solutions.

Our Every Day Operations become Fully Automated. Online Library, Online booking, Paperless Training throughout any course and Record Keeping for ever, are some of the features that Aviapro implemented after the cooperation with Evionica.


Aviapro signed agreement with IFTC and expand it's Simulator Network 

Aviapro signed third agreement regarding FFS Dry Lease.

Istanbul will be another Training Location for A320 and B737 Type Training.


Aviapro providing Web Based Training with Avsoft platform.

Although Aviapro Training Courses are mainly Instructor Led, Avsoft enhance the training and allow trainees to access valuable information regarding their training at any time.


Aviapro signed agreement with Aviation Academy Austria regarding FFS Dry Lease. 

Aviapro expanding ATR42/72 Type Training Full Flight Simulator Networks adding Vienna as Training Location.


Aviapro signed agreement with Sofia Flight Training regarding FFS Dry Lease. 

Aviapro expanding A320 Type Training Full Flight Simulator Networks adding Sofia as Training Location.

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