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Cabin Crew Training

Is being part of air crew glamorous, enjoyable and rewarding? Yes. But it's also hard work. Time away from home, your friends and family can be tough. You need to go the extra mile for the team and the passengers. If you've got that unique ability to stay calm under pressure, think around an issue and keep smiling all the time. This is a career for you!

Cabin Crew Attestation

Taught by former and active flight attendants from world's top international airlines, this course will give you information and insight into the aviation industry that you can find nowhere else. You will learn how to portray yourself confidently, prepare yourself for strict airline grooming standards and also understand the importance of speaking using the service language. If being a cabin crew is your dream career, this course will help prepare you to achieve it.

Cabin Crew Instructor Training

A course for experience Cabin Crew to learn about teaching and learning techniques, approach to trainees, development of personal training style and more. This course is for all Cabin Crew who are involved or wish to be involved in ground training of crew.

Advanced Cabin Crew Courses

While some jobs require initial training, being a Cabin Crew requires lifelong training on many fields. Because aviation industry developed rapidly, new training fields require Cabin Crew to get extra training. Apart from the Type you are currently flying, you also need to undergo leadership courses and workshops, as well as teamwork courses to advance in your career.

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