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Train the Trainer (SFI/TRI)


The teaching and Learning course for SFI/TRIs is naturally in full compliance with EASA requirements.


The SFI/TRI course is designed to develop course participants' competencies as instructor with focus on the learning process of teaching and feedback techniques in classroom and simulator. We create a realistic training environment that enables participants to develop their own facilitation skills and we simultaneously take into account pilots with various learning styles and from different cultures and backgrounds. The aim is to provide the best possible conditions for training future instructors on the respective aircraft type.

In addition to subject - specific topics and issues relating to knowledge transfer, will be focused on and explained such as teaching, personality, communication, feedback and evaluation.


At least 30 route sectors completed within the last 12 months preceding the application, to include take-offs and landings as Pilot in Command or Co-Pilot on the applicable aircraft type he will instruct, of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a Full Flight Simulator.


Within the last 12 month preceding the application completed:

  • Proficiency Check

  • 3 Legs on applicable Aircraft Type or

  • 2 LOFT-based simulator sessions


  • Professional pilot license issued by an EASA Member State or a non EASA license acceptable by the Authority.

  • Minimum 1500 hours on multi - pilot aeroplanes. 

  • Successfully completed Type Rating course.     


The duration of SFI/TRI Course is 11 Days including Days off and transportation

Training Location

Theoretical training may be performed either in Aviapro base in Athens, or in one of the collaborating Simulators Centers, upon request.

Practical training is performed in one of the collaborating Simulator Training Centers.

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